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TibooburraBeds.com.au, and all references made to "Management"reflect the Management of the Guesthouse.

This agreement is between TibooburraBeds.com.au and the hirer.

The Hirer is the person taking and accepting responsibility for the Hire of the Unit and by making and confirming a booking has, understood and accepted all the clauses listed below


All Group Bookings require a Non-Refundable Deposit unless otherwise agreed with the management. Deposits are only refunded within a period of (7) Seven Days after the booking date.

The booking date is the date on which you are making the reservation, not the dates for which you have booked. After the Seven (7) day period, deposits become Non-Refundable


TibooburraBeds.com.au is let to you for holiday and or Group uses purposes as mutually agreed with the Management and only for the duration of the period stated on your receipt and bookings form.

The Hirer agrees

To keep noise down to a minimum ie; loud music, singing or loud parties that may bring discomfort to other users of the Guesthouse property, especially after 10.30 PM.

The Hirer agrees

To keep The Guesthouse and its furniture, fixtures and fittings in the same state of repair and condition as at the commencement of the hire (reasonable wear and tear accepted).

The Hirer agrees that

Any of her / his group member’s, including children, and or those who are legally allowed onto the property, shall pay a replacement value and or repair cost for any furniture, fixtures and or fittings being damaged during the term of the hire.

The Hirer agrees / accept

That the use of any open fires or the burning of any Candles, including Chinese lanterns, in or around the Guesthouse is NOT PERMITTED and therefore accepts full Responsibility and liability for any damage or personal damage resulting from such activity

The Hirer agrees / accept

That Smoking is not allowed inside the Guesthouse and therefore accepts full responsibility and liability for any damage to The Guesthouse or any personal injury to themselves or others resulting from smoking inside the Guesthouse.

The Hirer agrees

That Smoking is only allowed on the Veranda’s and will endeavor to use the Ashtrays and Smoke Butt-Bins provided The Hirer agrees / accepts to keep Children under adequate adult supervision and control at all times

The Hirer agrees / accepts

To leave The Guesthouse in a reasonable clean and tidy condition after use.

The Hirer agrees / accept

That he or she is fully responsible for the behaviour, and conduct of any Children while occupying The Guesthouse, either under their Guardianship or under Guardianship from others, and that the management of TibooburraBeds.com.au will or cannot be held responsible or liable for any form of injury to Children, due to neglect on behalf of the Hirer.

The Hirer agrees

That the persons occupying The Guesthouse will not exceed the number of persons indicated on the booking form, unless agreed upon by the management.

The Hirer agrees

That no pets or animals are permitted on the property or within the premises, unless approved by the management of the Guesthouse

The Hirer agrees

That the management of TibooburraBeds.com.au will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage of any personal belongings, cash, jewellery and or motor vehicles, however caused, during their stay.

The Hirer agrees

That the management of TibooburraBeds.com.au will not be held responsible or accept any liability or issue any refunds, for occurrences resulting in loss of occupancy or personal injury caused by circumstances outside its reasonable control, such as; faults in the electrical or plumbing installations, the breakdown of domestic appliances, invasion of pests, exceptional weather conditions, flooding or Bush fires etc.

The Hirer agrees

That management of TibooburraBeds.com.au reserve the right to decline accommodation to, or expel, any hirer or visitor for conduct, which, in its sole view,is detrimental to the property, or to the comfort of any other visitor’s.

The Hirer agrees

That the management of TibooburraBeds.com.au reserves the right to enter The Guesthouse at any time but will endeavour to do so only when convenient to the Hirer and when absolute necessary.

The Hirer agrees / accept

That the use and or sale of any Illegal substance is strictly prohibited either in The Guesthouse or on it’s surrounding property.

The Hirer agrees / accept

That any dispute arising between the management of TibooburraBeds.com.au and the Hirer, if not mutually resolved, shall be referred to a single arbitrator to be agreed on.

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