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Tibooburra Beds

Cnr Briscoe & Brown Streets, 2880, Tibooburra, NSW, Australia


Available accommodation Monday, 22 January, 2018 to Tuesday, 23 January, 2018
  Rooms Capacity(Pers) Price

Great Value :

$130.00 Per Night

  • Twin Share
  • Unit 1 KingSize double bed
  • Tastefully appointed
  • Relaxing comfortable surrounds


2 130.00

Great Value :

$130.00 Per Night

  • Twin Share
  • Unit 2 KingSize double bed OR Twin King singles - You Choose !!
  • Tastefully appointed
  • Relaxing comfortable surrounds


2 130.00

Great Value :

$130.00 Per Night

  • Twin Share
  • Unit 1 KingSize double bed
  • Tastefully appointed
  • Relaxing comfortable surrounds


Accommodation Description Tibooburra Beds

Eco sensitive construction:

Using natural materials such as Straw Bale and Earth Render technology to provide a comfortable, healthy, stable environment.

Each of our units offer:


King Size bedrooms
Lounge area
Wheelchair access


Welcome to the Outback !

We hope your time in Tibooburra NSW Australia is a enjoyable experience, Tibooburra Beds Motel is here to make your stay memorable and provide the following facilities to our guests, it's our way of making your stay more pleasant and comfortable.

Have special requirements ?

Just get in touch and Tibooburra Beds Motel will do our best to accommodate you.


24 Hour Reception Toaster Colour TV
Quiet Location Disabled Access Off Street Parking
Refrigerator Reverse Cycle Airconditioner Non Smoking Establishment
Microwave Serviced by Telstra Next G Groups Welcome
Kettle Linen Provided 5 mins walk to CBD
Laundry Facilities Iron/ Ironing Board No Pets Please

Straw Bale Construction:

About Straw Bale Construction

People have been building homes using straw in many countries around the world for centuries. Reeds and straw have been used for roofing, thatching for walls and even for the ground. This material is used because it is reliable, inexpensive and easy to obtain.

There are straw bale houses in Europe and America that are now over 100 years old and in excellent condition. These were built after the first baling machines were invented in the late 1800s which enabled straw to be formed into compact, easily managed and stored bales. At this time prairie farmers in the sand hills of Nebraska, faced with a shortage of building timber, began an intriguing method of construction using baled meadow grasses which grew in abundance. Straw panel houses in Australia date back to the 1930's, and 12 of those known from the period are still standing today.

Strawbale - Cool in summer, warm in winter

If you can stop the heat of summer days getting into your house by closing up your home early in the morning while it is still cool, you can keep the inside of the house cool, as long as the heat can’t get in through your wall, roof windows etc. That is where a super-insulating straw bale wall comes in handy - it won’t let the heat through.

It is just the opposite in winter when you warm your house with sun allowed in through the windows and trapped in the house or with a slow combustion heater, air heaters, radiators etc. You don’t want the heat to escape - again the straw bale wall will reduce the movement of that heat.

A straw bale wall is made of hundreds of thousands of stalks of straw, each one containing and trapping air. Air is a great insulator so if you can keep it still in the wall, almost no heat can move through it. Even the solid part of the straw itself is quite good insulator but it is interesting to think that a very well compacted bale will give worse insulation than a lighter bale, because the insulation is mainly provided by the air.

The layer of cement render on the inside of the wall stores warmth or coolness so it evens out changes in the air temperature, so if you opened the door letting lots of hot air into the house for a few minutes the cool wall would absorb the heat from the hot air and leave the house much the same temperature as it was before you opened the door.

Great for Families & Groups !

Units 1 and 2 can be joined - Unit 2 can be converted to 2 king singles and can be accessed through Unit 1 as a family room, just leave us a note when you make your booking if you would like Twin King Singles.

Check In and keys collection
Customers please note that check in and keys pick up is at the Corner Country Store in Briscoe St Tibooburra during normal business hours. Ph. 08 8091 3333 After Hours 0418 820 423

Important information Tibooburra Beds

Check in

After 14:00 Hours

Check out

Before 10:00 Hours


Parking available for free

Allow pets

No pets allowed

City Tax

$ 0.00 p.p.p.n

Accommodation Rooms


Cancellation conditions

To guarantee the reservation you must pay the deposit amount within 48 hours; otherwise we'll have to cancel it. Upon receiving your payment we'll email you a invoice which you have to present for key collection on arrival.


Wifi not available

Suitable for disabled / modified rooms

Disabled accommodation available

Public transportation

No public transportation

Payment Options

Cash, Credit Card via PayPal, PayPal

Children age category

Children are counted as Adults

Reservation info

, , ,
Arrival Mon 22 January, 2018
Departure Tue 23 January, 2018
Adults 2 Adults
Rooms 1

Reservation subtotal 0.00
Reservation cost 0.00
Reservation total 0.00

Find Tibooburra Beds Motel

Telephone & Address

08 8091 3333
0400 255 166

Cnr Briscoe & Brown Streets
Tibooburra NSW 2880


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